Frank Bruno OBE:
Former Heavyweight champion of the World, a massive name in boxing due to his 2 fights against Mike Tyson . A very popular face with the British public. His recent illness showed what a popular figure he is across the UK, he has recovered, and is now working regularly on sporting dinners.

Ricky “Hitman” Hatton MBE: 
The current undefeated world champion boxer, Ricky can stand and perform his own after dinner speech and is looking for media work and dinner appearances.
Sir Henry Cooper OBE:
Everybody knows ‘our Henry’. The former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion. He fought Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali) twice. A great personality, and seasoned speaker.
John H Stracey:
Former undisputed welterweight champion, also available as Host / MC. He can belt out a song too !!!
Joe Calzaghe:
Another current world champion (originally from the Welsh valleys).
A formidable boxer,whose ‘rise to the top’ and recent form has earnt him ‘millions’ under promoter Frank Warren.  His story
from ‘rags to riches’ is truly motivating. You’ll enjoy his ‘cutting humour’ and forthright speech.
Barry McGuigan:
The amiable Irishman who is a former World Boxing champion, who now works on TV as a ‘summariser’ and commentator. He is a co-host of Sky TVs ‘Ringside’.
Charlie Magri:
Former undisputed flyweight champion of the world. ‘Little Charlie’ is a true ambassador for his sport.
His ‘electrifying stories’ of his sporting achievements and witty anecdotes will truly entertain an audience.
Billy Schwer:
Just retired as the former World Middle weight champion boxer he is eager to tell his stories again at the moment in an interview format.
Duke Mackenzie:
Former World Champion lightweight boxer. A genuine ‘King Of The Ring’

Nigel Benn:
The ‘Dark Destroyer’. A formidable fighter. Famous for his aggressive style and hard hitting !
Also known for his battles with Chris Eubanks both in AND out of the ring. Available for interviews and PAs.

Steve Collins:
‘The Celtic Warrior’ as he likes to be known… He defeated BOTH Benn and Eubanks duringhis professional career.  His ‘idol’ was Marvin Haglar, and in fact moved to the States, training at the samegym as his hero. He’s got the ‘Irish Charm’, and possesses a natural wit during boxing testimonials.
Alan Minter: 
Former undisputed middleweight champion of the world. Alan is a very forthright andcharismatic speaker. He talks of the ‘golden era’ of boxing, and his hard fought battle with Hagler.

John Conteh
Former World Champion from Liverpool .

Reg Gutteridge OBE
TV Commentator .
Glenn McCrory
Former World Champion from the North East of England , now a TV pundit .

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