Christie rocketed to fame at the dawn of the 1970s with their single "Yellow River",
a smash hit that made it into the charts in just about every country in the world.
     Listeners found the catchy , commercial beat and melody , backed by solid production values and a "jingle jangle" sound that was to become a trademark of many other Christie offerings , an irresistible combination , and bought the single by the millions .
     The band was to follow up the single with many more songs that were just as melodic and appealing . "San Bernadino" brought forth more success , and has been adopted as that city's official song .
Another hit , "Iron Horse", is as close to pure commercial pop as you can get . Most of
the band's output was written by the group's leader and lead vocalist , Jeff Christie ,
who was equally at home writing bright and bouncy commercial tunes , as he was at dreaming up a lilting ballad , a soulful refrain , or a heavier , more powerful sound .
The band still tour all over Europe with Jeff Christie at the helm .



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