From The Jam

The words "legend" and "icon" are sometimes used too frequently these days but not when being used to describe Bruce Foxton .
Since the punk explosion during the summer of 1976 , when , as a part of The Jam , 
Bruce Foxton’s thumping bass lines exploded onto London's live music scene .
The next year the anthemic “In the city” album and single were released to the record
buying public and the shockwaves sent out by the music of The Jam lives on today .
Bruce was recently voted by readers of NME as the 7th Most Influential Bass Player , which shows the high regard he is held in by fans , musicians and the music press alike .

After The Jam split in 1982 , Foxton pursued a solo career. He had a hit with the single "Freak" and collaborated with other musicians , until he got the call from Stiff Little Fingers' Jake Burns , staying with SLF for fifteen years , recording four albums .

In May 2007 From The Jam toured the UK to sold out venues. Since then they have toured the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand as well as some dates in Europe.

With "From the Jam" , Bruce has a hectic touring schedule and is in demand across the world and continues to sell out venues .

From The Jam have a busy 2015 ahead of them touring the UK , Australia ,
Singapore and the Middle East , plus and they will be in the studio working on the forthcoming album “Smash the Clock” due for release in March 2016 .


from the jam

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