The Happy Mondays

Happy Mondays are an alternative rock band formed in Salford, Greater Manchester, U.K. in 1985 , notable for being a forerunner of the immensely popular neo psychedilic indie dance movement (known as 'madchester' for some groups) that mashed up funk ,
pop , rock, and other genres .
Still touring , the band is fronted by Shaun Ryder, who originally formed the band with his
bass-playing brother Paul Ryder.
The classic line-up for the rest of the band consists of their friend Bez , who dances and plays percussion , plus guitarist Mark Day , keyboardist Paul Davis , and drummer
Gary Whelan , with backing vocalist Rowetta .

Their shows feature their hits songs : "Kinky Afro " , "Mad Cyril" , "Step On" ,
"Bob's Yer Uncle" , "24 Hour Party People" , "W.F.L" , "Loose Fit" ,
"Lazyitis" , "Judge Fudge" , "Hallelujah" and more ...

the happy mondays


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