Kasabian tribute band

Kazabian tribute band have quickly established themselves as one of the most accurate tribute acts in the world , delivering a highly authentic and convincing Kasabian experience .

Performing at packed out venues , universities and festivals , coupled with looking , sounding and performing like Kasabian , they have often been mistaken for the real thing ,which could be the reason behind a live Kazabian performance of “LSF” being aired on NME TV They were voted “Best Tribute” @ Tribfest and performed in front of 40,000 fans at Liverpool's Matthew Street Festival .

The band have a huge set consisting of tracks from the self titled debut album “Kasabian”, “Empire”, the critically acclaimed “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum”, and the phenomenal latest offering “Velociraptor” , which soared to No1 in the album charts confirming a hat trick of straight No1 albums for the Leicester lads .

kasabian tribute bands

B sides and special live tracks are often used live , with Kazabian's set constantly being updated to shadow what Kasabian do live .
From "Clubfoot" to "Empire" , through to "Fire" and "Days are Forgotten" , crowd reactions are often euphoric .

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