Lady Gaga tribute

This Lady Gaga tribute is just like any original Lady Gaga performance , it is both
hard hitting and in your face .
She definitely doesn't tame it for anyone and this Gaga tribute artiste is over the top , theatrical sexy and above all talented .

Having captured the essence of Lady Gaga , this is a tribute show that is a vivacious explosion of dance , costumes , theatrics and 100% live vocals .


lady gaga impersonators

The show features all of Lady Gaga's big hits , and all the musical backing has been produced
to an extremely high standard using live musicians to create an amazing live sound :
"Poker Face" , "Just Dance" , "Paparazzi" ,  "Bad Romance" , "The Edge Of Glory" , "Alejandro" , "You And I" , "Judas" ,
"Born This Way" , "Applause" ,
"The Fame" ,
etc .

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