John Coghlan's Quo

Since leaving Status Quo , John Coghlan has worked with many noted and diverse
musicians , mostly in his own Diesel Band .
Other appearances include "Partners In Crime" and the short-lived "Rockers" featuring
Phil Lynott , Roy Wood and Chas Hodges.
Additional collaborations have included Noel Redding (ex-Jimi Hendrix) and
Eric Bell (ex-Thin Lizzy).
It should be made clear this is most definitely not a “tribute” act , the prime aim being to recreate an authentic "1970’s Quo Sound” in keeping with John’s time with Status Quo .

john coghlan's quo

All the hits feature in their stage show:
"Down Down" , "Caroline" , "In My Chair" ,
"Paper Plane" , "Roadhouse Blues" ,
"Mystery Girl" , "In The Army Now" ,
"Mean Girl" , "Rocking All Over The World",
"Big Fat Mama" , and more ...

"Down Down "
festival of legends in spain