The world's ONLY identical twin illusionists !

the twins , illusionists

The Twins are in an unparalleled position , being one of the largest , if not the largest ,
illusionists in Europe. They specialise in inconceivable and spectacular illusions.

Their mesmerising and spectacular feats have included making elephants appear under
the big top, disappearing a $400,000 luxury yacht and The Twins are in an unparalleled
position as they are the only illusionists in Europe to appear, in less than 4 seconds , a
state of the art $250,000 Robinson R22 Helicopter onto an empty stage !

The Twins are changing our traditional view of illusion and magic,
refining an ancient art form into contemporary dimensions .

Their unique approach guarantees the ultimate in performance ,
spectacular magic and exhilarating illusions which push the boundaries of performance
beyond all limits of expectation .

What's more, unlike their contemporaries , The Twins are making AUDIENCES appear !

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