Tight Fit

Tight Fit Hit the Road - The Lion is back!!
1980s Chart Group "Tight Fit" have hit the UK with their new stage show .

The three original members: Steve Grant, Julie Harris and Denise Gyngell have reformed for the sheer pleasure of doing what they have always enjoyed - entertaining audiences .
The three came together in 1982 to be the "face" of a studio produced hit ,
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight".
Although they had no connection with the recording , the sight of two
young nubile , 20 something girls strutting their stuff in thigh length leopard print boots ,
and a tall dark and most handsome twenty something young man in a loin cloth proved toomuch for the British public to ignore .

The Tight Fit public appearances helped push the single from number 74 to the coveted
No1 spot in March 1982 , as the public bought the single in droves .

Tight Fit went on to show they really could sing and produced two more classic pieces
of '80s pop writing in "Secret Heart" and Fantasy Island".
They toured extensively until a split in the late 1980s .
Now after 30 years , they are back - and do they look good ? Yes - they do!!!
But , just as importantly , they sound good and bring a unique feel good factor to every show .
Now Steve , Julie and Denise are back singing their hits and other magical 80s numbers that will have audiences on their feet before you could chant "Wimoweh".

tight fit

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